Saturday, September 27, 2008

Got a Halloween Party?

Photo Booth rental for all events!
Remember to book us for your fall and Halloween Parties!

We are offering a Fall 2008 Wedding Special!
This package is going for $2300. Which is a savings of $1500.

Please email us about all the details!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Website! Coming soon!

Keep checking back everyday to see the new site!
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The first 10 visitors to the our new website or who book their photo booth session before October 1, 2008 and who email or who book and pay in full by October 1, 2008, or with the free Photo Booth offer code found on the new website, will receive a Free Custom printed 11"x14" 40 page hardbound guest book coupon.

This book can be used for your clients to sign and paste their Photo Booth images along with a their personal message.

Coupon offer must be redeemed at time of booking their photo Booth rental before October 15th 2008

All bookings and sessions require a $350 non-refundable deposit that is transferable up to 90 days from original booking date.

Holiday and Blackout dates apply. This applies to originally booked event location or no more than 10 miles difference from original contracted location allowed. $1.50 per additional miles apply to this offer

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Customize It!

That's right, customize your Photobooth just for your event!

You can customize the graphics on your 4"x6" prints, custom designs start at $39.
Match your wedding or event colors to match your custom print background.

Customize print sizes, our print standard is a 4"x6" print.

5'X7" and 6"x9" prints available.

Rates for larger prints for an additonal:

$150 for 5"x7" prints
$225 for 6"x9" prints

both size prints are unlimited during your event

Match the Booth Curtains to your wedding and event colors.

Custom Curtain, You can have your own custom printed curtain made just for your event in your color choice. We can do full custom curtains for your event.

Standard curtain is Flat Black.

Hollywood velvet (velour) Backdrop Curtain (inside booth) colors in Black, Dark Red, Burgundy, and Dark Blue. $89 Other colors available pleas ask!

Full Backdrop and exterior surround curtains for the above curtains are $150 additional.

Custom Curtain, You can have your own custom print curtain made just for your event in your favorite colors.

That right, do custom logo branded backdrops with your corporate logo's just like in Hollywood or sporting event press conferences.

A Custom designed Backdrop Curtain Starts at $1,299

Please Contact Us!


Call: 1-801-205-7083

photobooth, photo, booth, rental, wedding, wedding, bridalUtah, Photo, photography, cheese, utah, company, parties, dances, events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, photographer

Fall 2008 Wedding Special

We are offering a Fall 2008 Wedding Special!

The offer contains 6 hours of Professional Wedding Photography by Ascend Photo at two locations along with 4 hours Photo Booth Rental with unlimited 4X6 prints for your reception. You will also receive a print credit of $250 for your wedding photos.

This package is going for $2300. Which is a savings of $1500.

Contact us! at for any questions.

photobooth, photo, booth, rental, wedding, wedding, bridalUtah, Photo, photography, cheese, utah, company, parties, dances, events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, photographer

Questions and Answers

Photo Booth Questions

1: Does the photobooth print out photos on the spot like the ones at the Arcade or the mall?

A: Yes... But with much higher quality, faster speed and in classic style. There is no ink to dry, smudge or fade the prints will last a longtime, up to 100 years!
Our booth is chemical free unlike old-fashioned photobooths.

2: How many minutes does it take for the photobooth to print a photo?

A:. Photos are printed out in as little as 20 seconds up to 90 seconds.
Depends on your booth package

3: What is the standard number of hours for renting the photobooth?

A: Standard rental time is 4hrs

B: The minimum duration to rent the photobooth is 3 hours in a wedding and photo booth combined package.

C: We can do additional hours at an additional discount rate. You can also arrange full-day, multi-day and weekly rentals.

4: Is there a limit on how many photos a person may take inside the photobooth during an event?

A.Usually to prevent a lineup you will ask your guest to take one session at a time and come back later for a new session with other folks or as you prefer.

B: All photobooth sessions are only limited by your rental time, prints are unlimited during your scheduled time.

5: How many photos can the photobooth take per hour?

A: 30-80 images an hour depending on your rental package. We will print all photo sessions prints taken during your event time, before we leave your event. This even means we will stay longer to get all your prints to you if necessary.

6: How does the photobooth provide favors for guests?

A: A personalized wedding or event logo can be designed and printed on all the photos. This is provided at a $50 additional charge. Your guests will actually want to keep and display these photos.

B: Your photobooth photos are timeless!
Unique and thoughtful favors can leave a lasting impression and add a personal touch to your event.

C: Your guests will especially appreciate gifts that they can treasure for generations.

D: Your guests will be creating the favors themselves, as many as they like, and have loads of fun doing it together!

F: There is tremendous appeal to the idea that your guests will enjoy the favor long after the event has passed. One thing's for sure: the photobooth and these cool photo favors will give your event added pizazz and personality!

7: Do you just drop-off the photobooth at an event? Do You charge for Setup?

A: Nope! We will provide timely delivery, set up and take down of the photobooth and host the photobooth for the duration of your event (see next question).

B: Please provide us access to your event a minimum of one (1) hour before your scheduled time.

8: What does hosting the photobooth at an event entail?

A: We cheerfully host the photobooth to ensure a great experience for your guests and to keep things running smoothly. The host can provide assistance or posing suggestions, as needed.
The host can also help guests in putting together a custom photo scrapbook/guestbook (see next question), if you choose that option.

9: What is the custom photo scrapbook/guestbook and how does it work?

A. So you really want to get a photo of everyone who comes to your reception or other event, this is truly the only way to do it without harassing your guests or paying your photographer to hire an assistant to do it for you.
B: You can provide a high quality scrapbook. or we can provide one as well for an addtional cost. An 8"x10" album is the smallest size you would want to use. We recommend a larger album such as an 11"x14" or 12"x12" Our photobooth host will have a table set up with writing and cutting implements. He/she will assist your guests, as needed, with posting one or more photos onto the guestbook pages. Your guests can then inscribe a personal message to you alongside their photo(s). It's great casual fun and will be both hysterical and heartwarming to look back on years from now. Many people prefer this over the traditional guestbook.

10: How does the photobooth provide a marketing/branding opportunity for businesses and events?

A: Company or event logos can be imprinted on all the photos. Photobooth photos have timeless appeal, they're unique and of high quality. Not only will they be kept and cherished for a long time, but they will also be displayed.

11: What is the size of the photobooth?

A: The photobooth is 8' tall, 4' wide , 2.5' deep and it weighs 150-200 pounds. Thankfully, it is super light and can be disassembled into a much smaller size. Our photobooth is very versatile it can go almost anyplace.

B: We will need a place that is 5' wide x 9' long and has a ceiling clearance of 9" tall to place the booth on a hard flat surface. Most people prefer to place the booth along a wall by the entrance to their event.

C: We can modify our booth to have two photobooth areas, allowing two (2) simultaneous photobooths and make it an entrance portal to your event as well. For an addtional charge.

12: My event is on the third floor of a building... can the photobooth fit in a passenger elevator?

A: Yes! We can accommodate stairs we just need more time to carry it up to your floor, our photobooth does easily fit in most elevators. It disassembles into much smaller panels

13: Is the photobooth easy to use?

A. Absolutely!

B: The photobooth is extremely easy to use. There is a 19"screen LCD monitor for viewing each image with a countdown sequence for each image thereafter.

C: Just touch the big round "Start" button, and your 3-4 photos are taken within seconds of each other.

D: Photos are available outside the booth within 90 seconds! Usually a lot faster!

14: Do we need any special kind of hookup or facilities, to set up the photobooth on-site?

A: A normal AC 110-120 5-10 amp power source is all that is needed, preferably within 10-20 feet of the booth.
B: A floor to ceiling clearance of 94"
C: We need a 5'x9' space with a hard flat surface, usually by a wall right near your events entrance.

15: Can you accommodate outdoor events?

A: Yes! So long as there is proximity to an AC outlet and smooth flat access for transporting the photobooth there shouldn't be a problem.

16: Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure we and our guests get as many pictures as possible?

A: Yes! We recommend that you promote the photobooth within the event to make sure that everyone knows that it is available and free. Many of our clients have come up with creative ways to do this, but it can be as easy as asking the DJ or MC at your event to make an announcement. You can also leave notes at each place setting instructing your guests to visit the photobooth. If you are planning on using the photobooth photos as your party favor, and have purchased frames or bookmark sleeves, you can leave these at each place setting with a set of instructions.

17: How far can you travel around the region?

A1: We generally travel within a 50 mile radious of Salt Lake City, Utah.

B. we consider a trip under 25 miles one way with a round trip of 5o mile. We charge $1.50 per mile thereafter.

18. We do travel much further and will gladly travel to your special event.

A fuel surcharge will apply due to the high cost of gas, Call First.
Generally we charge per mile beyond our 50 mile local area. $1.50 cents per mile.

19: What is needed to reserve the photobooth?

A: A $300 non-refundable transferable deposit and a signed contract.

B. Balance Due 2 weeks before event.

20: How Much?

A: We consider starting price $1,299 to be a bargain deal considering all the advantages our booth has over any others. The national standard is $1,500 for a 3 hr rental.

B: Our booth is also allows for all guest who may be wheelcahir bound to enter and exit with ease. We provide free setup-takedown. A full time booth attendant. Unlimited 4x6 prints during your time. Transportation to and from your event. We are providing party favors for everbody that will become a generational keepsake.

C: Holidays and major weekends require a 30 day advanced reservation paid in full.

D. New Years eve, is an additional $2000 dollars for a booked event for Dec 31,2008 8 pm to Jan. 1, 2008 to 2am.

photobooth, photo, booth, rental, wedding, weddings, bridal, Utah, Photo, photography, cheese, utah, company, parties, dances,for all events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, photographer